The POP Fender Black Colour Edition is a stylish and practical boating accessory designed to protect your watercraft from damage.

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  • Size when in use: ø165mm x 620mm
  • Stow size: ø165mm x 250mm
  • The matching bag is available separately.

All this make the POP fender awesome

  • Compact - telescopic from 620 to 250mm on both sides

  • Non-toxic and recyclable

  • Maintenance-free

  • Individual parts can be re-ordered if required

  • No squeaking on the boat

  • Use under water possible

  • Washable in the dishwasher

  • Made in Germany & Austria

  • Before each delivery, every POP fender is oiled by hand with our care product

Is POP Fender Suitable for my boat ?

The current POP Fender size is suitable for boats up to max. 26 feet / 8 meters

The following weight specifications (application specifications) must also be taken into account:

Model: POP Fender ø165mm x 250/620mm

Boat weight incl. Payload and persons according to approval

per page

Total number per boat

up to 2000 kg



from 2000 kg



up to max. 3000 kg suitable (incl. load and persons)

 maWhen exceeding the max. length and load of use, no damage that may arise can be assumed by the manufacturer.