Cormate Powerboats

Hydro Design AS of Norway has over 30 years of experience in the development and production of high quality boats with outstanding performance and seaworthiness. They have developed a building technique that delivers an optimal ratio between construction cost, weight and strength. They were founded in 1985 by Egil Ranvig and Tom Martens Meyer and won countless Offshore races. In 1989 they began to produce center console boats and established the renowned Hydrolift brand. In 1999 they sold the manufacturing rights and the rights to T-30 and S-24 hulls were taken over by Brd Eker. Egil Ranvig and Frode Svendsen created the Cormate brand to produce high quality boats with timeless lines and a revolutionary layout. The CormateT-27 was awarded the "Boat of the Year" prize in 2006 and the "Boat of the Show" prize in 2009. In 1993, the Hydro-Design factory team set a new UIM world speed record in the Offshore 6 liter class. Egil Ranvig designed a revolutionary 38 ft RIB catamaran with a 750 hp V-12 Lamborghini engine, which achieved 101.8 knots (188.5 km/hour) with a single 750 hp V-12 Lamborghini engine. It was the first RIB to reach the 100 knot barrier and won races in Europe, the UAE, USA and Japan. Ribcat 1 set the Oslo to Copenhagen speed record in just 3 hours and 58 minutes averaging nearly 85 knots.